• Build school structure
• Online Admission
• Admissions ,transfers and promotion
• Students Logins and subscriptions More



• Parents Logins and subscriptions
• Emails,messages and SMS
• Meetings and leave control
• Wide range of reports and analysis

Progress Control

• Progress Control builder
• Assign elective,special,second language and activity subjects
• Seat numbers and secret numbers
• Settle Exam rooms More


• Build up your departments
• Add staff profile
• Staff logins management
• Assign teachers to subjects and classes More

Time Table

• Manual and Automatic Time Table management
• Setting subjects,periods and exceptions
• Wide range of printed reports and analysis


• Setup SAT Subjects,test centers and SAT names
• SAT Dates and attempts
• Register student and change attempt
• SAT Scores and Highest scores report More


• Registeration Fees and Payment
• Sessions Setup
• Online Registeration
• Manual Registeration More


• Bus Setup
• Trips Setup
• Bus Fees,discounts,refunds and payment
• Reservation More


• Accounting Tree
• Opening Balance
• Cash,cheque,bank transfer and bank deposit issue vouchers
• Cash,cheque,bank transfer and bank deposit receipt vouchers More

Student Finance

• Set Groups,installments and fees types
• Share,book and registeration Fees
• Discounts,refunds and payment
• Wide range of financial and statistical reports


• Build Main Salary
• Insurance,employment tax and work gain taxes
• Monthly Salary
• Annual Bonus More


• Build Stores
• Add items and suppliers
• Opening balance
• Receipt Vouchers More


• Setup
• Items Requests
• Order Limits
• Purchase Orders
• Purchase Details


• Set lands and buildings
• Set floors and rooms
• Maintenance and damages
• Damages requests and replies
• Wide range of reports


• Set locations and buildings
• Internet lines
• Training courses
• Network points
• Call requests and replies
• Wide range of reports


• Handle your backups and restores
• Request online help
• Submit tickets
• Search through SchoolEveryWhere manual


• Add languages
• Translate used words
• Add users groups
• Set priveleges

Staff External Portal

Staff portal where each staff can login using his unique credentials to view and communicate with school, staff, parents and students. Each staff can do his required daily routine works and actions through simple and professional cycles using his staff portal which includes these links. More

Student / Parent External

Student / Parent portals where they can login using their unique credentials to view and communicate with school, staff,andteachers. More


SchoolEveryWhere holds a library automation solution for cataloging, searching, circulating and reporting your library collections. We combinethebestproductwith the best customer experience. More

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